“Anny Celsi is one of this city's smartest and catchiest pop songwriters” – LA Weekly
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Her style has been described as “beatnik cool,” “pop-noir,” and “slightlydelic pop jangle,” and has evoked comparisons to artists like Aimee Mann, Lucinda Williams and Jackie DeShannon.  The LA Weekly recently cited her as “one of this city’s smartest and catchiest pop songwriters.”  Her album "Tangle-Free World" (2009), produced by Nelson Bragg of the Brian Wilson Band, showed influences ranging from Bacharach to The Bangles and back and was chosen by Al Kooper for his “Cream of the Crop” album list. Anny’s latest self-produced album, "January," once again combines Brill Building hooks with a storyteller's eye for detail.  

Born in Portland, Oregon, Anny spent her teens as an writer/performer with the renowned avante-garde Storefront Theatre.  She moved to Los Angeles with her first husband, songwriter/guitarist Duane Jarvis, where she co-founded the boy/girl rock band The Tearjerkers, hoining her songwriting and harmony-singing chops before striking out as a solo artist.  In 2003 she began producing and releasing her music under her own Ragazza label.  After  her album "Little Black Dress & Other Stories" was discovered by the Dutch Roots Radio Ring, she began touring Europe and the UK regularly, joining forces with musicians in Germany, The Netherlands, England and Ireland to perform in concert halls, pubs, house concerts, backyard barns and comic shops.

Anny is proud to have come from family that values creativity. Her mother is the painter Lolita Celsi. Her brother David Chelsea is an illustrator, author and arguable champion of the 24-Hour Comic Challenge. Her sister Teresa Celsi is the author of many books, notably the childrens' classic The Fourth Little Pig.  Their late father, Dick Celsi, was a community organizer who for a time was Oregon's Democratic Party Chairman.  Anny's son Ivan Pyzow is a composer, multi-instrumentalist and arranger who has contributed his talent to many of her live shows and albums.

Anny lives in Los Angeles, where she regularly calls upon that city's wealth of musically talented friends to record and play music.  She also produces radio shows and travels as often as possible. Her most gratifying achievement is her son, Ivan; a happy, handsome and creative man whose music lessons have more than paid off.

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