Little Black Dress & Other Stories

by Anny Celsi

Produced by Kevin Jarvis & Anny Celsi
Additional production by Marvin Etzioni
(Ragazza Music, 2003)

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"An ultra-cool, ultra-hip album that is one of the best new releases I've heard in a long time. Check it out." -- Ed Kociela, Utah Daily News

"A musical journey in the best sense, "Little Black Dress" unfolds like a tightly written script." -- Mark Spangler, The Oregonian

"Hit material folk pop" -- Tom "Tearaway" Schulte, Outsight Communications

"Anny Celsi is a Cali girl with plenty of sass...There isn't a weak track in the set, which is no small achievement." -- Adrian Zupp, HARP

"In the classic singer-songwriter mode, Anny's sunny/dark folky-rock took me to a "Raymond Chandler-esqe" Los Angeles of hard lessons learned and the high cost of love. Dig it! It's black and white 50's film-noir in color." - Jonny Dufresne, Two Louies Magazine

"...a beatnik-cool performer who veers from poppy, bouncy beats to jazzy piano bar riffs and sexy come-ons...The "pop-noir" soundtrack of her solo debut, "Little Black Dress," wears a veneer of L.A. Confidential style." -- Bob Ruggiero, Houston Press